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Kenya is one of the best places in the world for Safaris, with five Coastal Marine Reserves and 48 National Parks. The Safari experience is enriched not only with the diverse and spectacular landscapes, but by the vibrant cultures of the Maasai and Samburu peoples.
The full spectrum of wildlife is at its most vivid in Kenya, from the Samburu National Reserve, Aberdares National Park to the Great Rift Valley and Lake Nakuru National Park. Visit the Amboseli National Park overlooked by the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Allow your safari guide, who will have a sixth sense about where animals will be at any given time to lead you to the leopard, giraffe, hippo, hyena, gazelle, ostrich, pink flamingo, cheetah, buffalo, elephant and lion. You name it Kenya has it. The wildebeest migration from July to October at the Masai Mara Game Reserve is a wonder of the world, the sound as well as sight of these animals will stay with you forever.

Kenya Safari Holidays
About Kenya

Delight in the ultimate Safari experience by taking to the air in a hot air balloon, soaring up, and gently skimming the tree tops as the sun rises and wildebeest scamper on the plains of the Masai Mara below. There is an enormous choice of safaris and holidays in Kenya and we aim to help you make the right choice for your African experience.
A number of camps provide relaxation and pampering amidst stunning landscapes or choose to go off the beaten track to experience untouched African Wilderness. For total relaxation combine a Safari with a stay in a beachside retreat, relaxing on beautiful white sandy beaches and diving into the Indian Ocean.

Masai Mara

Located in south-western Kenya, the Masai Mara National Reserve (Maasai Mara) is regarded as the most favorite and is definitely the most visited game reserve for a safari in Kenya, with over 140,000 visitors per year.
The reserve lies approx 270km west of Nairobi and covers an area of approximately 1,510 sq km, bordering with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The landscaped is mostly open Savannah grasslands and acacia shrubland.
The wildbeest migration starts any time from late July when the wildebeest follow the rains and head towards the wide and open grasslands of what has become known as "the Mara" for grazing. They are accompanied by Zebra, Thomson's gazelle. The migration may be late, but the wildebeest will always make the trip, driven by dry conditions in the Serengeti and led by the lightning and thunder to the north.

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is located in the Rift Valley province, close to the Tanzanian border northwest of Kilimanjaro, approximately 220-240kms southeast of Nairobi, depending upon which entrance to the park you use.
Although one of the smallest parks in Kenya, at approx 395 sq km, Amboseli is one of Kenya's most popular for a safari (second to Masai Mara). The spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro, (Africa's highest peak located in Tanzania), coupled with the variety and abundance of wildlife, draws the visitors in.
Amboseli is most famed for its' large herds of elephants which are easy to see and photograph, due to the flat and open terrain.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is only 20 minutes drive from the city and is ideal if you only have a stopover in the city and want to experience some of Africa's game. Because of it's location, there are many visitors, both tourists and residents but you are guaranteed to see an abundance of game, seemingly unaware and unafraid of humans. The elephant is the only one of the 'big five' not found here, but leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino, giraffe, hippo, crocodile, antelope, wildebeest, eland, zebra and Thompson's gazelle as well as many other species are here in abundance.
At the western end of the park is an Animal Orphanage, dedicated to young animals who are injured or deserted in the wild. Here they are studied and cared for until they can be returned to the reserve.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park is located Central Kenya approximately 155km north-west of Nairobi, connected by a sealed road. It can therefore can be visited on a day trip from Nairobi, although in the raining season more time would be needed.
The park entrance lies 6km from Nakuru town and the main attraction is Lake Nakuru, a shallow alkaline soda lake set beneath the high cliffs of the eastern Rift Valley.
An area of 190 sq km around the lake is fenced in as a national park and has been made a sanctuary for Rothschild giraffes and black and white rhinos. Some of the 56 different species of mammels that can be viewed in Nakuru National Park include an abundance of Waterbuck and the predators are lion, cheetah and leopard.
The best time to visit Lake Nakuru is between March and December .

Tsavo National Park

It is about 200 kms south-east of Nairobi and is Kenya's largest national park, covering an area of approx 21,500 sq kms. The main Nairobi Mombasa highway runs through the park which is split into two sections; Tsavo East (approx 11,500 sq kms) and Tsavo West (approx 9000 sq kms).
TSAVO WEST is the most popular as it has been developed for longer and is regarded to have better game viewing opportunities.
The parks supports the BIG5 and wildlife viewing opportunities include buffalo, rhino, giraffe, zebra, lion, leopard, cheetah, crocodile and many varieties of antelope. Being so vast the animals can be spread over a large area, so when on safari you need to allow time and have patience to see of most the different animals.

Kenya Coast

Kenya has 500 kilometers of soft white sand beaches, with palm trees, the bluest water, ever shining sun and some very good quality beach resorts in all price categories. A friendly and relaxed people with a highly interesting culture.
The entrance to the coast is Mombasa. From here you can either explore the south coast across the ferry or the north coast through the Nyali bridge. The south coast, starting from Mombasa is reaching as far as to Tanzania. This 135km long stretch is offering some of the best beaches in the World.
The north coast, stretching from Mombasa to Kilifi, offers ancient small villages and beautiful beaches in its 60 km stretch as well as the northeastern coastline does with its 130km long area from Malindi to Watamu. The splendid 225 km long stretch of beaches and fascinating landscape is ended at its most northern part by the rural island of Lamu.

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